Transform REST endpoints into streaming APIs

Built for the #realtimeweb

Zero lines of server-side code

Heartbeat tranforms REST endpoints into streaming APIs painlessly, with zero lines of code.

Access via dashboard, JS or REST

Heartbeat transformed streams are accessible from the dashboard, or universally via Javascript and REST based APIs.

Keep upto 6 hours of history

With the flick of a switch, heartbeat can store updates for up to six hours. It also provides an API and a data view for visually accessing historical data.

Heartbeat in 2 minutes


1. How does Heartbeat work?

Heartbeat takes REST API endpoints and transforms them into realtime APIs. Behind the scenes, heartbeat runs a worker process that will poll the REST API at the polling frequency you specify in the dashboard and show the changes via an elegant realtime endpoint.

2. How can I use the realtime APIs in my app?

Heartbeat provides a realtime API that can be used from your Javascript app or via a generic REST like API. You can access the code snippets from within the dashboard and they can be used on web and mobile apps (and even backend).

3. What does it cost?

Heartbeat is free to use while in beta. Up to five REST endpoints per user are allowed, and the minimum polling frequency supported is 1-min.

4. I need moar!

You can bookmark heartbeat on the chromestore and be continually updated every time we add a new feature. If you would like to get volume access to heartbeat or do something cool with it, holla at us